C-105 Regular Clay Away

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C-105 CLAY AWAY™ is an easy to use surface conditioning & preparation bar that removes organic and inorganic contaminants, by hand, from exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces. Its new SUPER ELASTIC FORMULA lasts up to 10 times longer than other clay bars. Unlike previous methods of surface contaminated removal, using abrasive buffing compounds, hot solvents or dangerous acids, CLAY AWAY™ is completely safe, quick and easy to use. Its medium grade, non-toxic formulation is safe for all types ofpaint finishes. It works faster to remove industrial and organic fallout, paint overspray, paint finish roughness, rail dust, surface rust and other environmental contaminants from exterior automotive surfaces. No complicated machinery, skills or knowledge ofdetailing is necessary. Simply lubricate surface to be treated with PRO® S-74 WIPEOUT™ SPRAY GLOSS and rub CLAY AWAY™ on surface, by hand, in a backand forth motion. Contaminants disappear before your eyes. It drastically reduces the time spent onoverspray and fallout removal, while conditioning and preparing the surface for compound, polish, wax or sealant application. PRO® CLAY AWAY™ is the easiest,most profitable and professional way to correct problem finishes!

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