Use on exterior automotive surfaces such as tires, rubber moldings and plastic trim. Wet look helps prevent drying, cracking, fading and hardening of these materials. Can be used in numerous applications where a vibrant and super wet look is desired.

Wet Look Dressing S-94

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S-94 Wet Look brings a new dimension to solvent based dressings. Wet Look has all the great characteristics of the most expensive dressings with an emphasis on economy. But don’t let that fool you, it will complete with the best. Some great features of this new gloss/solvent system are: Quick drying time; lays down smoothly with no runs and has a superb finish. It can be applied to wet tires and you can watch the water bead right through it. Economical dressings never looked or performed

this well until now. Contains a fresh fruity fragrance.


Directions: Shake well before using. N.I.O.S.H, approved respirator, safety glasses and rubber gloves are recommended while using this product. Keep container closed when not in use.Tires: With a sprayer, apply product evenly onto a clean, dry tire. Product lays down immediately with no runs or drips. Leathers a super high gloss. Wet look on tire. Wipe off excess material to avoid unabsorted product from spinning off tires onto body panels. For less gloss, apply by wiping on with sponge or terry applicator. Rubber, Plastic, & vinyl: wipe on pre-cleaned surface with sponge and terry applicator and let dry.

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