Recommended forFabric Cleaner is a very handy all purpose fabric cleaner. It has varied uses but is mainly used on automotive interiors. Clean fabric, velour, vinyl, plastic, leather and more.  Also for headliners and other delicate fabric. Excellent for dealership , detail shops, car washes and out auction, where speed and easy to use products are needed. Use for janitorial and house hand, as well.

AHF-400 Fabric Cleaner

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Fabric Cleaner is a creamy, foaming cleaner, formulated to “dry cleaner” all types of automotive interiors. It effectively cleans fabric, velour, vinyl and leather surfaces without saturating the material. Excellent for cleaning headliners and other delicate fabrics. AHF-400 doesn’t wet the surface as ordinary interior cleaners are designed to do. The formula blends a biodegradable, non caustic cleaner with high foaming surfactant and coupling agents and then it is aerosal  for ready to use convenience. This is advanced formula is strong, yet gentle to the fabric or surface that it cleaners. The down time is negligible as the foam dries at a fraction of the time it takes wet cleaners to dry. The handy aerosol is compact and fits anywhere. It fills the need without worrying about open containers and pistol sprayers.


ApplicationDirections: Shake well before using. For your protection, safety glass  are recommended while using this product. Use the product between 70o and 90o F (21o and 320). Clean an area no longer than 2 feet at a time. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches from the surface.Fabric, upholstery, carpet & headliner:Spray on the surface and let it sit several seconds. Dampen a course cloth or sponge and rub gently, but briskly to remove soil. Immediately wipe away remaining foam with a clean, dry cloth. After drying, restore texture to fabric with a soft bristled brush, brushing gently in one direction.Vinyl, leather, plastic & rubber:Spray onto a dampened coarse cloth or sponge and apply to surface. Rub gently, but briskly to remove soil. Wipe off with a clean, damp cloth. Buff lightly after drying. When cleaning seats or armrests, wipe with a damp cloth a second time to ensure all cleaner residue is removed.Special noteTo prevent future fabric stains and damage, apply PRO Gard afer the application process.

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