Use with an extractor, hot water type, is best. Deep cleaning carpets, upholstery and fabric care the primary usages for Xtract Power™. Works great in trunk areas as well as carpetened side door panels. For use on stained areas when surface cleaning doesn’t reach. Avoid using on headliners as wetting this area is not recommended. Xtract Power™ can be used with standard recovery wand or for automobile use with any of a number of upholstery tools. Sell to the automotive, janitorial and hotel industry. Work well with cold water extractors also.

C-83 Xtract Power™

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C-83 Xtract Power™ is a powerful stain cleaning
concentrate is designed for use in soil extractor machines and pre-spotting
stains on carpet, fabric and upholstery. Its unique combination of surfactants,
solvents and wetting agents quickly break down and release stains so they can
be easily extracted away. Cuts cleaning time considerably, especially when used
with hot water extractor. The low foaming formula will not clog jets or pumps
and does not require a de-foamer in recovery tank. Xtract Power™ is highly
concentrated and can be diluted up to 40-to-1 for economy. Xtract Power™ is a
great pre-spotter on oil, protein and soil based stains. Citrus, clean, fresh
fragrance is easy to work with and leaves a very pleasant aroma. Detailers can
use this product to increase their capabilities and offer a more modern and
efficient way of cleaning interiors. Xtract Power™ will clean, brighten and
leave carpets, upholstery and fabrics with a fresh look with no stiffness or
chemical residue or soap film left behind.


Directions: shake well before using. For your protection, safety glasses and rubber gloves are recommended while using this product. Dry brush and thoroughly vacuum area to be cleaned. Pre-Spotting: In a spray bottle, mix a solution of 1 part Xtract Power to 3 parts water. Pre-spot stained and heavily soiled areas with solution and allow to dwell 3 minutes. Use extractor to remove. Can be used with hot or cold water extractors.Extractor solution: (Strong solution-20:1) Pour 6 ounces of Xtract Power per gallon of water into solution tank of the extractor. Hot water works best, so allow heater to warm up solution before use. With the pump and vacuum on, depress the trigger. Xtract Power solution flows through the head and onto the surface, penetrating deep into the stained area. Pull wand slowly over stained area, systematically removed, vacuumed back up into the recovery tank. To dry the application even faster vacuum a second time with the trigger off. THe vacuming will pull the fibers upward so you won’t  have to tuft up the carpeting. After the interior has been cleaned a treatment of F-17 Smoke & odor eliminator will guarantee a very professtional touch.

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