Rubber Dressing S-95

Rubber Dressing is High Gloss Water Base Dressing & Protectant

Natural Oils Yield a Brilliant Shine Without the Worry of Airborne Silicones

Restores the New Look to Rubber, Plastic & Vinyl Surfaces

Contains No Silicone or Solvent, Eliminating Fisheye & Fire HazardsRe

Manufacturer: BAF Industries



Price: 449,900 


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This multi-purpose, high gloss, water base dressing is formulated for use in and around body shops. Natural oils restore the “new look” to rubber, vinyl and plastic without the problems of airborne silicones. Contains no silicone or solvents, eliminating fish eye or fire hazards. CONTAINS NO SILICONE. BODY SHOPE SAFE. Available in gallon, 5 & 55 gallon sizes.VOC COMPLIANT

Product Details of Rubber Dressing:



Ready To Use

Body Shop Safe

VOC Compliant

Water Base

Phosphate Free

pH: 8.8

Color: Blue
Fragrance: Bubble Gum



Application: Shake well before using. Read label before use. See SDS for more information. Tires-Wheel Wells-Engines: For a high gloss appearance, use a sprayer and apply product evenly on a pre- cleaned, dry surface. Allow 3-5 minutes for product to dry. For less gloss dilute 1:1 with water, apply using a dressing applicator. Wipe on pre-cleaned surface and let dry.
Rubber-Plastic-Vinyl: Using a dressing applicator, wipe on pre-cleaned surface and let dry.

Helpful Tips:

Keep from freezing (32 oF/0 oC). Do not use on clear plastic (instrument panels), vehicle controls (pedals, grips, steering wheels). Before driving vehicle, wipe off any excess material on tires to avoid unabsorbed product from slinging off tires onto body panels.

Safety Data Sheet:

GHS Compliant. SDS can be found online at

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