SUITABLE FOR:Wood Reviver is safe to use on all types of wood and can be applied to easily restore and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden items within the home, both antique and modern. Removes nicotine and smoke. Removes spray polish build-up. Removes wax polish build-up. Removes grease and grime. Removes water marks.Wood Reviver is also ideal for use on UPVC, melamine, formica and contiboard surfaces. Unlike most household cleaners Wood Reviver has no abrasives so will not scratch the finish, this also makes it ideal for use on boats, cars and caravans.COVERAGE & SHELF LIFE:A 250ml bottle of Wood Reviver, when used for routine maintenance and care is typically enough to treat all wooden furniture and fixtures in your average household many times over, very little is used in this process if applied correctly. When dealing with a heavy build up of dirt or wax/polish on wood, coverage may be reduced significantly.Wood Reviver should be kept in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly fastened, if stored in this manner it will have a shelf life of many years.

Wood Reviver

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Cleans, Feeds, & Restores all wooden surfaces to their original appearance


  • Safe to use on all types of wood
  • Perfect for reviving and restoring furniture
  • Contains organic oils that nourish wood
  • Helps to prevent cracking, warping and fading
  • Contains no solvents, silicones or abrasives
  • Removes grease, grime, old wax/polish

Wood Reviver – A natural yet powerful restorative, Wood Reviver is based on a 100 year old french polishers recipe, updated and perfected through modern technology. Easy to use and suitable for all wooden surfaces, it will restore the wood to its original condition without the use of solvents, abrasives or silicones. 

kitchen cupboardIn the Kitchen Wood Reviver is particuarly usefull. perfect for use on kitchen cupboards, It will remove all the grease and grime from kitchen cupboards and the organic oils will restore the lustre in the wood. Wood Reviver will remove any streaks and smears caused by washing with soapy water, washing kitchen cupboards with soapy water is not recommended because it will dry the wood out. Contains natural oils that will feed the wood and revive a dried out appearance.

Impregnate a cloth with wood reviver and keep it in an air tight bag – this will last for 1 month cleaning your cupboards numerous times.

kitchen cupboardWood Reviver is also great for use on antiques. A lot of antiques and old furniture can contain a build up of grime and old polish, creating a dull and sticky appearance on the wood. Wood Reviver will remove this build up (it may take several applications) safely as it contains no solvents or abrasives.

It is an excellent wood restorative, containing a natural blend of oils and waxes makes it ideal for restoring old furniture.


INSTRUCTIONSSTEP 1.Shake the bottle well before each using.STEP 2.Pour some into a small container.STEP 3.Soak any clean soft cloth in the solution.STEP 4Wring out the cloth as much as possible, and pour the remaining solution back into the bottle.STEP 5.Now use the cloth to clean and polish.There is no need now to use wax or polish. Use Wood Revive regularly.If there is any residue on the surface after cleaning, buff the area with a soft cloth to remove it.BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOSBeforeAfterThis vintage clock had years of built up polish and grime, giving it a less than attractive patina. Using the Wood Revive the years of dirt and neglect were wiped away and the natural beauty of the wood restored.BeforeAfterThis occasional table had become dirty, tired and faded through years of use without proper care and maintenance. With just one application of Wood Revive it was brought back to life, restoring the natural beauty of the wood and producing great results.

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