FEATURES AND BENEFITSP-15 Heavy Duty Machine Cleaner is an aggressive, heavy duty compound designed to remove moderate to heavy oxidation and deep scratches on conventional acrylic enamel and lacquer paint systems. Also works great for cutting out and removing 800-1000 grit sand scratches, dust nibs, orange peel and other defects from fresh refinish paints of all types.P-15 utilizes a combination of hollow abrasive particles designed to provide a fast initial cut that breaks down quickly into a fine material that aids in polishing and reduces buffer marks. The rich oil base formula restores color and allows longer working time for extended cleaning and polishing while greatly reducing dry spots, marring or burning of the paint. Contains NO WAX OR SILICONE. Produces a hard, dry finish ready for further polishing or final waxing.

Xử lý xước nặng 800 – 1000

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Heavy Duty Machine Compound

• Creamy, Oil Base Formula

• Removes Heavy Scratches, 800-1000 Wet Sand Scratches and Oxidation

• Contains No Wax or Silicone

• Body Shop Safe

• Use On Conventional, Acrylic Enamel and Lacquer Paints (single stage)

• Cleans Up Easy-Water Soluble Formula

• VOC Compliant


RECOMMENDED FORBody shops, used car dealers, detail shops and auto auctions. Designed for machine use to remove moderate to heavy oxidation & deep scratches on conventional acrylic enamel and lacquer paint systems and 800-1000 grit wet sand scratches, dust nibs, orange peel and other defects from fresh refinish paints of all types.APPLICATIONDirections: Shake well before using. NIOSH approved dust mask and safety glasses are recommended while using this product. For best results, do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface. Wash car to remove surface grime and dirt, then chamois dry. Start with a new PRO® VC-80-C Velcro™ Tufted Wool Buffing Pad. Used pads may contain contaminants which can scratch the surface. Use only as directed. Use with an electric or air buffer (1200-1700 rpm) coupled with a PRO® Wool Cutting Pad. Apply enough product to surface to work a small area (two to four square feet) and spread uniformly before buffing. Start machine and buff surface using adequate pressure. As product is used up and begins to dry, decrease pressure and burnish to a clean, glossy finish. Clean pad at regular intervals. Re-move any spatter from trim or moldings with a damp cloth.SPECIAL NOTESP-15 may also be used with the new high solid, low VOC basecoat/clearcoat refinish paints. These newer basecoat/ clearcoat finishes are much harder than pre-`93 refinish paints. Some newer factory applied finishes are also using this new clearcoat technology. Use caution in determining which type you are dealing with when using this product.

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